MINECRAFT Xbox 360 | Episodio 8 – Parte 2/2 Un nuevo Road to Mina

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PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 to Follow Contract-Based Pricing Model?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 720, or whatever they decide to name their next console, are expected to launch within the next couple years, and the idea of pricing for both consoles has often been discussed on various media outlets. As many of you know, Microsoft tried a new pricing model recently by charging only for a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox LIVE Gold with a signature committing to paying ,99 per month. Essentially, Microsoft decided to test out the cell phone pricing model to appeal to those who cannot afford the upfront costs involved. With that said, because of the next generation consoles striving to outdo each other with the most powerful technology that makes sense for a video game console, the costs will likely place these consoles at a steep launch price that could have a negative impact on the initial sales similar to the rough start that the PlayStation 3 fought through. If this were to be the case, the idea of implementing a contract-based pricing model for both consoles could be implemented to counteract the high costs involved. Watch as I discuss why this could be a beneficial pricing model for both Sony and Microsoft with their next generation consoles then ask that you provide me with your opinion in the comments section. E-mail: admin@thegameraccess.com Twitter: twitter.com Google+: plus.google.com Facebook: www.facebook.com
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37 Responses to “MINECRAFT Xbox 360 | Episodio 8 – Parte 2/2 Un nuevo Road to Mina”

  1. thesavagelife8 says:

    what do u people have aginst nintendo?

  2. neoanderson2069 says:

    I disagree on this one nick, because yes the next gen may be expensive, but we should consider that the current gen consoles will still be selling and will be the affordable option when the next gen comes out. And just like the ps2 today,we will see major titles on the current gen consoles then.

  3. thesavagelife8 says:

    Nick u are a bias fuck

  4. GamerAccess says:

    I am curious what I said in this video that was bias.

  5. GamerAccess says:

    Absolutely nothing, but understanding the hardware within the Wii U, the platform will be affordable day one. Also, Nintendo has stated that they have learned with their pricing error with the 3DS and will not repeats this mistake with the Wii U.

  6. GamerAccess says:

    We will see, I truly think this may work depending on what hardware they plan on integrating within the consoles. Let’s say the PlayStation 4 were to cost Sony $850 to produce so they charge $500 with plans to recover costs on software. Rather than charging such a hefty amount day one, they could offer a $250 contracted price with a commitment of $15 a month. Sure I would rather purchase outright, but for those who do not have the money day one, its perfect and enlarges the install base.

  7. bestofallhotmail says:

    good video :) 

  8. GriznitDshiznit says:

    1:03 lmfao funny faces man

  9. GTAVRumors says:

    i don’t want to know anything about pricing just see what will happen

  10. GTAVRumors says:

    btw i dont give a shit about the new gen i want to play gta v

  11. 07Ferarri says:

    .. I think that the ps4 will be more expensive than the xbox 720

  12. Kingpopshots says:

    it will be better thats Y

  13. AHU98ful says:

    1600 microsoft points

  14. monorleans says:

    zick te recomiendo hacer sopa de champiniones te cura 5 corazones los champiñones los consigues en el nether el rojo y el otro y has en la mesa de crafteo craftea un cuenco en la seccion de comida de la mesa de crafteo has la sopa de champiñones

  15. AugusttGames says:

    zick tio que en han encontrado indicios de que en la version de xbox esta herobrine, OJO DONDE TE METES !

  16. akonFTW6633 says:

    y yo de que te faltan neuronas que herobrine no esta en ninguna version de minecraft sin mods

  17. nano nanotheowl says:

    tapa el agua con guijarro
    mejora bastante la jugabilidad ;)

  18. venechon says:


  19. 0DARAKUUCHIA0 says:

    ok grax esque alomejor me compro la xbox y el juego

  20. josema1997 says:

    ZICK agregame a la xbox: j0se manu3l

  21. calibre50ification says:

    oye has un dual con david neokiller

  22. FauxAmoeba says:

    es original?????

  23. skyword28 says:

    pero ponte en pompa para picar zick para no caerte se hace clicando el joystick derecho

  24. SuperSeriesMinecraft says:


  25. MrAlexito44 says:

    Lo hay para ps3

  26. MrAlexito44 says:


  27. joanramonprattorrent says:

    like para que zick haga un capitulo que se explorando el rio de lava

  28. fiera79 says:

    se puede comprar en disco?

  29. aisek200 says:

    por ahora no

  30. aisek200 says:

    creo que en este juego si en esta version para x-box

  31. CreativeSergi says:

    Agregame soy de xbox 360 CreativeSergi :)  buen viedio

  32. Henry Cruz says:

    Oye… Como Pones La Miniatura Perzonalizada En El Video ?

  33. Roalinav says:

    ya decia yo que iba a caer del cielo en el minuto 17:03

  34. slipnosis says:

    Si fuese asi, me gustaria que costaran barato como 100 MICROSOFT POINTS o algo asi.

  35. mecaagoentusmuertos says:

    Si, la verdad es que estaria muy bien lastima que no pueda ser. Porque estaria bastante entretenido ademas de barato. :D

  36. 3LD3VIL says:

    hola necesito ayuda tambien tengo hauppauge hd pvr pero necesito ayuda para grabar mi voz cuando estoy jugando para comentar al mismo tiempo que capturo podrias hacer un tutorial como grabar como si quiciera grabar la voz de mis amigos y la mia en mw3 como lo haria gracias me subscribo

  37. kagamine96 says:

    me gustan mucho tus videos
    agregame : kagamine 96