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158 Responses to “POST YOUR GAMERTAG!”

  1. KingreX32 says:

    PS3: KingreX32

    NNID: KingreX32

  2. steve says:

    Ps3 gamer tag curly090

  3. jay says:

    Gamertag is JJSTUNNER18 gta v and payday2

  4. carlos says:

    Hi am 16 my Gt is DELTAFORCE154 I love music

  5. Hi my gamertag is COOPERxGANGx538 Im from boston massachussets.

  6. I Sometimes Mod And Im 12 Years Old And im looking for a girl :oops:

  7. terri-ann says:

    M1ghtyMouse (gamertag) add me guys i play cod halo gears mainly shooting games :P

  8. Corey says:

    Psn/XBL- Deiradinn

  9. MY GAmertag–MarkoANtonio2

  10. Hola este es mi tag juego Halo y Mortal Kombat preferentemente aunque juego muchos otros más

  11. good site so I like this

  12. BxMxF TyCiTi says:

    Defiance xbox360 –Ingame Name Tyciti thats the only game in the console rite now THE BEST GAME OUT

  13. XFliboyAceX says:


  14. My gt is Ix Insane xI (only 14yrs old so no over 18s or under 12s plz) I play minecraft, all the halo games apart from halo wars and need for speed

  15. munnajsr512 says:

    Hi anyone. My name is Roy I’m 31 m london Essex . Like to play black ops on Xbox live my gamertag is. Salty Potato 31 . Add me , add me on kik oooshpotato31. Add me on bbm. 29541C03. xx

  16. I play need for speed anyone else?

  17. nannubdjsr91 says:

    Hi Frank, What games are you playing?

  18. My gamer my lovely humans is The-dark9090

  19. munnabdjsr1 says:

    I’m Brandon from Tennessee. I play the Halo series, the Fable series, and several other games. Add me.

  20. Hey! my gamertag is: SirMagnemiteIII and i’m looking for someone to voicechat with, thanks :pp

  21. sudaa says:

    Halo4. BO. BO2. Minecraft. And gta

  22. GAMEMASTER! says:

    Welcome to the all new site!!!

  23. jose says:

    my gamertags: o Sleepy OG o AND My Second Gamertag is

    BioShock Story.

    - GTA
    - ModernWarfare 2

    -Modernwarfare 3

    -Black Ops 2

  24. xLEGITxBEA5Tx says:

    Halo4 bo bo2 minecraft gta
    Xbox 360 xLEGITxBEA5Tx

  25. Travis Durbin says:

    Halo4. BO. BO2. Minecraft. And gta

  26. Travis Durbin says:

    Halo4 bo bo2 minecraft gta

  27. Dylan Price says:

    PAPA smurfed0

  28. Fabricio says:

    hey, Juguemos un poco tengo una cuenta nueva, y no tengo ningun amigo mi gamertag es FabricioFR25 :roll:

  29. Harko says:

    MY gamer tag for xbox is ThermalPwnage

  30. Anonymous says:

    need a clan add me xWOND3RM4Nx

  31. Ashley says:

    GamerTag- Purrfect1983, I play Farcry 3, Sleeping dogs, Grand theft auto iv, forza horizon, saints row 2 and 3.

  32. cristian says:

    agregenme mi gamertag de xbox: CHRISTIAN ORTON

  33. Reset1030Zero says:

    My gamertag is Reset1030Zero.. Add me!

  34. Shaun says:

    Hey! my gamertag is: SirMagnemiteIII and i’m looking for someone to voicechat with, thanks :pp

  35. DubstepLife559 says:

    Xbox 360: DubstepLife559
    I only play Black Ops 2 & Fifa 13

  36. Beast says:

    My gamer tag is CurlyFri4, add me on xbox360 If u play borderlands 2 :mrgreen: :)

  37. Apexpredator080 says:

    Xbox live gamertag- apexpredator080
    I play cod black ops, black ops 2, MW3, saints row the third, battlefield bad company 2, nfs shift, hit me up

  38. Dude says:

    Xbox – minecraft

  39. L.A.Carter says:

    Console: XBOX Live.
    Gamertag: SGT LA Carter
    Trying to start new clan. Army. Hit me if you are interested.

  40. latoya says:

    Hi does anyone have a Kinect with dance central 3 or the hiphop experience???

  41. Anonymous says:

    Felixblighter69 add me!

  42. Angela says:

    I’m a newbie :) lol gamertag – breakmedwn121

  43. Sahib says:

    Hey guys! Yes, another hardcore gamer here, AND as of today, officially doing commentary on YouTube alongside two other buddies! Please subscribe guys, we’ve just started.

    Right now, I play a lot of Halo 4, WWE13, Battlefield 3, Worms Revolution and AC3

    PS3: SikhSoldier84
    XBOX: SinghSahib84

    Remember to subscribe guys! I’m sure you’ll love our videos :) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  44. Steve Bohne says:

    xBox 360

  45. Steve Bohne says:

    Gamer Tag = MrPicture
    Play Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Gears, Halo, Modern Warfare, BlackOps

  46. Pup5050 says:

    Xbox Live Gamertag : Pup5050
    I’m Brandon from Tennessee. I play the Halo series, the Fable series, and several other games. Add me.

  47. Chris says:

    Yo, i’m chris my GT is InHisStory and I play FIFA13 HALO 4, Gears of War 3, and Borderlands 2. I’m 22 and live in England. Send us a friend request if you fancy some co-op/multiplayer sometime :)


  48. MC says:

    I play Halo 4 add me Kingcobra183

  49. Gregg says:

    Hey everyone. I am Gregg from South Carolina and my Xbox gamertag is Gmansc.

  50. Ellis Wood says:

    Hi, I am playing Halo4 for the 2nd time, now on heroic :) My XBox GamerTag is Ellwood1279

  51. Blazerking says:

    Add my Xbox Gamertag: Blazerking2917. I play Black Ops 2, GTA IV, Halo Anniversary & Tom Clancy’s GRAW 2.

  52. Josh says:

    Add me Xbox and PSN: electricalronin

  53. Demented Warlok says:

    Hey what up y’all? Xbox live gamertag Demented Warlok been a.gamed since the days of the NES as a matter of fact I still have my NES I bought new for 100 bucks back in the day. Lately my lady and I have been working on borderlands2. Couples that play together stay together! Game on!

  54. Spiky says:

    mon gamertag -> XloOon

  55. King Starz says:


  56. jessica says:

    Hi everyone my name is Jessica. Im from chicago. my xbox gamertag is thebionicbarbie =) :lol:

  57. Roy says:

    Hi anyone. My name is Roy I’m 31 m london Essex . Like to play black ops on Xbox live my gamertag is. Salty Potato 31 . Add me , add me on kik oooshpotato31. Add me on bbm. 29541C03. xx

  58. Austin says:

    My xbox and PSN is : xXCalixKlutchXx and i do have a mic

  59. Death says:

    xbox is DEATH LORD716

  60. Death says:

    My gamertag is Deathlord716 I play ps3 black ops

  61. Kulan says:

    Everybody add ;; kbfotboll . I play fifa13 and cod i accept everyone :) :)

  62. Netty says:

    Hey my gamertag is: ThatGuateKid add me so we can play fifa 13, COD, Minecraft and happy wars

  63. Roy says:

    Gamertag Salty Potato 31.

  64. Roy says:

    Hi everyone how r u I am a Xbox lover I like playin COD black ops and I can’t wait for black ops 2 so girls and boy add me gamertag Salty Potato 31. Thank you 21+ uk only xx

  65. Rene says:

    my tag is Templer11011982 add me for Red Dead Redemption or COD or many other games.

    See You

  66. lorenz gamer says:

    LorenzoGamer13 – Xbox Live
    Playing BF3 and MW3!!!

  67. Dark says:

    My gamer my lovely humans is The-dark9090

  68. Da_Ra881t says:

    I’m on the PS3 the tag is: Da_Ra881t
    Looking forward to put you in the crosshair :mrgreen:

  69. joaquin says:

    add me xbox gamertag:MasterJoako22 to play mw3 halo reach & minecraft thanks :wink:

  70. Miguel says:

    Add me im looking 2 play with anyone my xbl gt is xXMiguelwXx

  71. richard says:

    add me up on xbox:;RichardCTV for black ops fun and zombies and sum halo with mic and on ps3 :souleater for sum mw3 and more.

  72. Wats Up says:

    my tag is gstreethooligan for PS3…..add me up MW3 with mic

  73. nottz22 says:

    Heyy peeps add me if i like i play black ops :)

  74. Tim Church says:

    Add me Spaceboy002 on Xbox 360

  75. tony says:

    hey my gamertag is: WoLfPaCk_AlPhA_1 add me specially girls haha cuz they are fun to play with haha and i always play cod black ops

  76. dec says:

    mostly play black ops on ps3. psn: oitzdecwx

  77. Anonymous says:

    My gamertag is EST Santa

  78. jared says:

    I play call of duty my xbox livve gamertag is Cows Make Love
    Add me ill be on later :-|

  79. UNFLU5HABLE LOG says:

    Add me up UNFLU5HABLE LOG remember the s is a #5 .. Lookin for some mine craft builders

  80. Head Idiot says:

    I am Head Idiot of

    My tag just about everywhere is “InstantIdiocy”

  81. Nikole says:

    I’m a girl gamer looking for people to play call of duty black ops with (multiplayer & zombies) add me :)

    Gamertag: Nikster925

    • Kayla says:

      Hey I’m a girl gamer too! I play almost everything! Would you be interested in joining an all girl clan? If so add me on Xbox : VELVETxxBUFFALO

  82. ZENUCITY says:

    For the Thrill of the Game

  83. ErickRikku says:

    Left 4 Dead right now, just getting my collection going

  84. MIDUFINGA says:



  85. Laura says:

    Hey I mainly play on the xbox 360 and xbox 360 kinect. My gamertag is laura4U.
    Just add me and compare games then, see if im in the mood to play a certain game

  86. lalo says:

    my gamer tag : CurlyCreations


    XBL :D

  88. adam matthews says:

    yo i play ps3 n cud do with sun mew friend so add me if u want :P my gamertag is rapid_killer1987 or BAM1-PURESKILLZ- lookin 4ward to black opz 2 :-D

  89. adam matthews says:

    black opz 2 yeee :)

  90. trey says:

    add my gamer tag for xbox360 its treyz beast221

  91. Adam says:

    My gt is Ix Insane xI (only 14yrs old so no over 18s or under 12s plz) I play minecraft, all the halo games apart from halo wars and need for speed.

  92. cyb3rb3n says:

    Gamertag is cyb3rb3n for everything :D

  93. DasEmpanada says:

    DasEmpanada on everything (Steam, Battlelog, Planetside 2, EVERYTHING)
    Pylop on PSN


    Add my gamer tag SKETCHERNATOR from london :D

  95. ScreamingEye92 says:

    Gamertag is ScreamingEye92

    Currently loving Sleeping Dogs but play most shooters & any other new games out there.

    Add me :-)

  96. baddestBoyy says:

    Fifa12,halo3,gears3 etc gamertagg – bogeyedosprey ! Always on

  97. retgerg says:


  98. Christa says:

    Legit female gamer.

    thisisstupid05 on Xbox and PSN

    Black ops, mw2 & 3, halo 3, l4d1 & 2, borderlands, bf3, resistance 2, MAG, Saints Row trilogy.


  99. Dan says:


  100. Asia says:

    Dont u think its kinda weird how all lil boys on xbox live sound the same an all boy teenagers sound the same its weird mabe its just on halo reach but its weird idk? some of my friends gamer tags are:AngleOfDeath
    Exepted fail
    :mrgreen: 8-O Hopefully u like them an my word 2 ya is 2 pick something u like

  101. KoG Emmy says:

    Im A Girl That Loves To Play Xbox. Im In A Gaming Community, If You Wanna know More About It Or Like To Join. Hit Me Up On Xbox. xD

    Gamertag: KoG Emmy
    *Going To Change It Soon So If You wanna Join Hurry Up :) :mrgreen:

  102. gamer says:

    gamertag : NoMercy ForWeak

    get at me mostly halo reach, left 4 dead 2 :lol:

  103. Trollz0r says:

    add me on xbox bro

    zOmBiEs KiNg2

    gonna change that soon ;P

  104. Kitty Jensen says:

    @xPlayALiFe3x, Can you do livestream Of humilateing Or Trolling people that whould be awsome.

  105. Skipp92 says:

    PSN: Solo_SkippBoii

    Games: MW, MW2, MW3, BF3, Black Ops, Resident Evil 5, World At War.

  106. Brianna says:

    Gamertaq : vP Bree x

  107. Mike Maltby says:


  108. Racist says:



    come and get it!!

  109. GABRIEL says:

    mi gamertags es clankyfiber

  110. James says:

    Gamertag: ExperWelsh man
    Platform: Xbox 360
    - MW3
    - BF3
    - Minecraft
    - Gears 3
    and alot more to find out add me :-P

  111. heydave92 says:


  112. Joey says:


    COD:MW3 :twisted:

  113. Jeremey Johnson says:


    Battlefield 3
    Gears 3
    UFC 3

    achievement hunter hit me up

  114. Todd says:

    onejan84 on PSN. Currently playing Darksiders, Devil May Cry Collection, Sly Cooper Collection and Lollipop Chainsaw.

  115. wickedclown says:

    im a wickrw ed clown gamer in saints row2 xbox live for my friend whoop whoop :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  116. James says:

    ManOfTeal on both XBox Live and PSN. I play Halo, Mass Effect, Resistance, anything fun.

  117. Graydon says:

    Xboxlive: IamMcMuffin1111 i play mostly Bf3, but will play halo3, Red Dead, or RE5…. i really dont like i tag. Im looking for a new name.

  118. Tommy says:

    V3gas24702 always playin black ops and MW3 soon will be on H4 and Ops 2 @vegas24702

  119. larry says:

    anyone play unreal tournament 3?

  120. Jeremey says:

    XBOX: Emmortal87 Battlefield 3 UFC 3 Gears 3 WWE 12 i am down for anything hit me up

  121. GUINNADDO says:

    Xbox: (guinnaddo) mortal kombat, mw1,2. Any pc forsaken world gamers? Hit me up. Name is cottonchop

  122. Patric says:

    SLG SYCO K1LL3R – Xbox360 – CoD:MW3 & Gears Of War 3

  123. Henry Richiez says:

    thetrackkilla – PSN
    thetrackkilla -XBL
    playing lots of different games on xbox ps3 vita pc and wii

  124. Luis meza says:

    Mw3 or something gt:G1V3 M3 UR TAGS

  125. Luis meza says:


  126. Jim says:

    xbox gamertag, HotBeefSammitch

  127. James says:

    I don’t have an Xbox but I have a PS3 and my Online ID: Black-Phoenix777 and I play Black Ops online. If you want to know some of my other games then just send me a friend request and “compare trophies” with me.

  128. Christan says:

    Gamer tag :Fallen_Awaken game NFS on ps3 and call of duty black ops

  129. Airtech62 says:

    Play Battlefield 3 on PS3 mostly :mrgreen:

  130. Fabian says:


  131. jon says:

    Psn RaPtOr-ScOpe91

  132. Geekyswede says:

    Xbox GT: Geekyswede
    Games: Battlefield 3, Trails Evolution, Gotham City Impostors, Minecraft, Haunted: Demons forge and i am also looking for a co-op partner for Portal 2

  133. JAY VON KILEY says:

    add me for some halo 3?

    Little Zero X

  134. StarSlay3r says:

    I don’t play TOO often these days, but when I do get on I’m mostly playing SSF4AE, or Street Fighter x Tekken these days. Gamertag is StarSlay3r. Hit me up for some E. Honda action on SSF4AE or Rufus/Chun on SFxT.

  135. sNsKid says:

    All I play lately is Tekken 6 on 360.

    GT: sNsKid

  136. larry says:

    larrythepcycho :twisted:

  137. Lambchop says:

    xbox need for speed 4, freedomrider5,, playstaion: leionforce

  138. Tom says:

    Im not a PC fan, I game on PS3,WIi, and xbox,,

  139. Watcher says:

    any PC gamers here?

  140. John says:

    I play need for speed anyone else?

  141. jason says:

    any LOTR fans here?

  142. Roblien says:

    god of war ps3, killsnit